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 Post subject: It just takes time
 Post Posted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 9:55 pm 

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First a small aside, I am a San Diego fan, I have been for as long as I've watched football. I know these boards are probably congested with all of the talk about that infamous call that many of you wish could be dropped, believe me I wish it could be undone, but its there. I was pretty steamed up about the call when it happened, as I expect all San Diego fans were, but after the sting of the loss dissipated I found myself, surprisingly, ok with it.

To clarify... I wasn't ok with the loss, I'm still not. To all players saying the chargers had a chance, well sure they did, I mean would've been great to still pull it off after that... but we didn't. Also what everyone seems to be forgetting is that we took a thrashing in the first half, our defense not only got run over for half the game, they were already riddled with injuries. Coming back from 31-17 was nothing short of a miracle, we held them scoreless until Mr. Hochuli's call. I'm not saying that we didn't have a chance to pick up the win despite, but technically we did pull it off in an amazing second half that unfortunately culminated in a miscall. that miscall turned the entire game around, and that should not happen.

As upset as I was, and as disappointed as I am, I don't think that we should crucify an experienced ref who made an honest mistake and obviously feels terrible about it. I was embarrassed to hear that many chargers fans made personal threats against this man and wrote him nasty emails, I honestly would have hoped that we could have handled this better. But I also understand where they are coming from and why they are upset, any fan would be if their team was in the same situation.

I hope that someday Mr Hochuli can officiate more San Diego games, and be on good terms with the fans, the coaching staff, and the players. You all just have to understand it's gonna take us some time to get over it. Put your team in that position and try to understand our side.

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