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 Post subject: Illegal Batting of Ball
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 8:34 am 

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I was wondering about a call of illegal batting of the ball by the Saints last night. The scenario is as follows:
Miami with possession and running the ball.
Player past the line of scrimmage being tackeled loses the ball and it bounces forward for several yards and starts to go out of bounds. A Saints player going for the loose ball hits it back into play prior to it going out of bounds and into the hands of another Saints player.

It reminded me of someone trying to down a punt before it goes into the endzone. But, instead of the ball going to the Saints player gaining possession, they called illegal batting on the Saints player who kept it from going out of bounds.

Can you tell me how that rule works and why it was called that way?


 Post subject: Re: Illegal Batting of Ball
 Post Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:21 am 

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It is illegal to bat the ball under certain circumstances after it has touched the ground (exception is batting a ball to prevent a kick from going into Team B's end zone). In high school, a player may not bat a ball forward or backward after it has touched the ground. In college it is legal to bat a grounded ball ball backward unless the bat occurs in the end zone, but illegal to bat a ball forward. I'm not sure what the NFL rule is, but I believe I have seen a flag thrown for batting the ball backward, and it is a foul to bat the ball foward once groudned.

The intent of the rule is to prevent a player from doing just what you described in your message. Also, if a ball is rolling on the ground it would be unfair if a player could bat the ball to a teammate when that player's chances of recovering the ball were slim.

Batting the ball in flight is legal except for a few certain cirumstances. We most often see this during a punt (blocked kick attempt) or a pass play (defender batting the pass away from a potential receiver). Hope that helps.

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