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Ed is different.
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Author:  Djinn [ Mon Oct 06, 2008 11:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Ed is different.

Hi Ed,
I tuned in to the Monday night game tonight and was pleasantly surprised to see your crew calling the game. After awhile, I noticed something different, around the eyes. I have seen it before. Everyone who knows a face and sees this difference knows it well. It's the eyes that are tormented, sleep deprived, and beleaguered. Before week 2 you were my favorite referee, I am a Chargers fan, and as long as you are wearing stripes, you will continue to be my favorite referee. If you haven't heard this from anyone else, shame on the football community. You were not the cause of the Chargers inability to stop the Broncos that Sunday in Denver. The Charger defense had two other opportunities to stop the Broncos and didn't, a theme that is repeating week to week. I heard whispers in the aftermath of the game that the rules would be examined on what plays are reviewable. If we are going to have replay, why would every play, penalties excluded, not be subject to review, regardless of when a whistle is blown? Perhaps that is too optimistic, but it makes perfect sense to me. It kills me to see what one call has become. Every game your crew works there will be a close call, and cut to the week 2 footage. Every close call coaches will be in your ear. Every time you key the mic you feel that you must make sure you make right that week 2 call. It is showing around the eyes, Ed. You are one of the finest referees I have had the pleasure of watching, I fear that the call in Denver may take years off both the man and his career. All I can say is the only thing you owe the football community, teams, players, spectators, is the quality officiating we can rely on when you and your crew are on the field.

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