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 Post subject: MISTAKES!
 Post Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 9:09 am 

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Greetings Ed,

My name is Rusty and I live in Oklahoma City. I am a huge fan of the NFL, and I must admit I really enjoy watcing the games when you are officiating. You bring a certain flare to the game that makes it seem more enjoyable. Any way enough with the corny stuff and on to the heart of the matter. In regards to your so called GAFF last Sunday during the Bronco's/Chargers game. You have to ask yourself, does it really matter, it is after all just a game.

I love football as much as the next guy but people are being way to hard on you and after reading several articles about all the hate mail you are getting, and the reports of how devistated you are, it just doesn't make sense. I mean it's admirable that you feel bad about your mistake, but things happen, your human, and quite frankly if you were perfect I doubt very much people could stand to be around you.

Lets look at the big picture, you didn't cost anyone their life, no one was seriously injured or mamed, like I said before it's just a game. That is how you and all the other insane fans that are takinig this so hard have to look at it. It is what it is. Like I said if it was a life or death situation that would be a different story, but it's just a game.

I am a Helicopter Mechanic for a Medical Transport company. If I make a mistake everyone on board the Helicopter will die. So I hope that I'm getting my point across because it is really bothering me that your taking this so hard. You seem like such a great person, your deffinetly are one of the best officials now or maybe even all time. So just remember it's just a game. Life goes on and I think you need to as well. Take care keep up the great work and just try to keep things in perspective. Life can always be worse.

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