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 Post subject: Great ref and changes that need to be made
 Post Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 12:08 am 

Joined: Thu Sep 18, 2008 11:23 pm
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You are definitely one on the elite refs and everyone makes mistakes. It is really awesome that you stepped outside the normally sheltered, jaded confines of the referee community, which also for so long has resembled a Bill Clinton camp or most other political entities, to acknowledge that you actually did something wrong. I know it is a first, at least in my lifetime to not only admit that but to apologize on a grand scale. Kudos to you- if only more people had your integrity.

Not that this call would have been remedied by this but I would really like to see the NFL take a more aggressive approach to making the right calls all game long. I think it is somewhat stupid to tell teams they are limited to a certain amount of challenges and that you also have to have timeouts to challenge. The real goal here should be to get every call right and allow the outcome of games to not be flawed. The San Deigo-Denver game is obviously a prime, over blown example but you could probably find several other games last week that had the outcomes not decided on the field. Whether it's bad pass interference calls, missed face masks calls, erroneous roughing the passer calls, missed late hits, hjolding calls etc etc it is becoming a real bummer for fans and teams alike. I think it was the Phili - Dallas monday night game- Westbrook had his facemask grabbed twice without a flag thrown. In the SF- Seattle game Bruce was interfered with twice with no calls made. Both of these example are happening again and again each sunday and are changing the outcomes of too many games. The stakes are too high for coaches,players, owners, fans and of course all those betting to not do something to correct this. All you ever get is some form of sugar coated BS from Peirra the head referee guy. He must have been a politician before he got this gig. It would be nice if he had the balls Ed has and actually apologized for his bumbling crews instead of spatting some type of stupid lame reasoning for it not being something the refs could have done better. You would think a guy in his position would be able to come up with a better plan of attack than a guy like me who's just a fan. I should have been a ref cause I can surely see better than most of the guys out there and I wouldn;t be scared like so many of them are to throw a flag in hostile home environments. Since most of us are now blessed with HD Tv's and numerous replays often we see things pretty clearly from our living rooms. It is very frustrating and irritating to sit through a game that is often marred with many questionable or blown calls.

Here's my solution-
Let the ref that sits in the booth twiddling his thumbs for 56 minutes of the 60 minutes of game time have the ability to call down and stop play if a call is clearly incorrect. This could even go as far as calls not called that needed to be called. After all, again the goal is to help make each game as fair as possible. So what if the game goes a little longer, I'm sure the NFL can foot the tv air time overages to know they are bettering their product. Heck add one or 2 more refs/people with good eyes to the booth and really scrutinize the game. Make the guy in the booth the almighty/captain/head official, it would be a promotion of sorts, considering the warmth and conveniences and allow that person to overrule or make a decision right away. No need for the head official to go to the booth and waste 1-2 minutes. I Know some will think this is overkill, some that it would put the refs on the field in a compromising position but I will say again- the ultimate goal should be to official the game the best it can be done and allow for the outcome to be as fair as possible.

The San Deigo- Denver game was an aberration of sorts for Ed but it serves as a wake up call for the NFL to dissect the overall operation and effectiveness of one of the more important aspects of the game.

 Post subject: Re: Great ref and changes that need to be made
 Post Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 9:11 am 

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It'll be all good Ed. Listen, I'm a school teacher, and best believe that I (along with every one of us professionals that work with people in general) have made mistakes when it comes to judgement. Others will always talk negatively about people other than themselves because they have no idea as to who they are or what they represent. The mistake that was made was a bad call...but you can't cover a "bad mistake" with another "bad mistake" and expect it to be all good.
Listen Bro, keep refffing, and try to have a hard shell when it comes to fans booing and taunting you. After all, if you would have made the call the opposing way, you still would have gotten "booed" by the idiots in it's a lose-lose situation. Besides, you're big as some of the linebackers out there...just rip your shirt off and form tackle the next person that says something about it! Of course I'm joking...but seriously, as a teacher, there's this old saying that states, "You don't take your laundry to work, so why take your work home with you?" I know it's a big mistake that was made, but it was only game 2 of the season. If the Chargers (who some retards predicted to win the AFC and not the Steelers) are supposed to be "good", then they'll bounce back and win a few games and this will be irrelevant. If they hang their heads now...then they deserve to lose that game. Get well, hit the weights, and get back in the're better than that!!! Stay up Dog...

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