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Ed, Couple of questions on Jets-Texans game 9/13/09
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Author:  Texans_00 [ Mon Sep 14, 2009 2:09 am ]
Post subject:  Ed, Couple of questions on Jets-Texans game 9/13/09


Help me out here, has anything rules wise changed for horsecollar? I saw Matt Schaub get sacked, but NY Jets player brought Matt down wth his hand same place Roy Williams did it always (grasping collar/pads) but no flag.

Also Kris Jenkins hit Schaub with a forearm (not to head, only body) after pass was gone, again no flag on the play. I know you got 1 step to stop/make contact, but a late hit is a late hit. Were these just missed during game, if so will NFL revisit these (especially horsecollar during sack).

I wonder does holding get empasized during year, or is it on a game by game basis. By that I mean does league make sure holding is watched for, or does league in your review point it out as being missed.

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